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Educational Animated Videos

We have big plans to get more short animated videos in your hands! Our videos on the Basics on Hinduism, Yoga, and Swastika have been hits. We need your support to create more videos…on topics like the Hindu Diaspora, Modern Hinduism, Contemporary India, and much more! Our next video could be because of you!

Hinduism 101 Trainings

Our Hinduism 101 trainings have improved the teaching and understanding of India & Hinduism for over 85,000 students and 3,400 teachers in hundreds of public schools. Our education team creates toolkits on Hindu holidays, like Holi and Diwali, and lesson plans about Hindu history in places such as Kashmir and Bangladesh so that your child’s teacher has accurate teaching materials. Help educate America’s schoolchildren about Hinduism.

Dharma Ambassadors

With over 1300 alumni, this popular program empowers community members to speak eloquently and professionally about Hinduism. Graduates of this program learn how to promote an authentic narrative from within the Hindu community to ensure that our religion is taught accurately and on par with other religions. Grow our Dharma Ambassador community so we can effectively represent ourselves.

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Imagine an America where your children learn about ancient India as an advanced civilization and yoga as India’s gift to the world…where they walk away from World History class feeling proud of their heritage. Imagine an America where you can freely display a Hindu swastika at the entrance of your house or condo…without needing to battle with your homeowners association.
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