Reporters Guides

Guidelines for Commercial Use of Hindu Images

Here are some general guidelines for manufacturers, retailers, and marketing departments for where images of Hindu deities and other religious symbols shouldn’t be used, not only to avoid causing offense, but to be culturally respectful with iconography that over 1 billion Hindus around the globe consider sacred. Read more.

Reporters Guide to the Swastika

The swastika is one of humanity’s oldest and most consistently used symbols across nearly every human culture. It has more than 10,000 years of positive associations behind it, continuing actively to this day with more than a billion people continuing this tradition. Read more. 

Short Answers to Real Questions About Hinduism

Have questions about Hinduism? What’s the meaning of the swastika? Do Hindus have commandments? What are the major Hindu holidays? What’s a guru? Why are many Hindus vegetarian? All these questions are answered here, and more. Read more.

Small Errors, Big Impact: Correcting Media Portrayals of Hinduism

The following examples are just a small sample of the common omissions, oversights, and errors in media coverage and public discussions of Hinduism. Each typical error, derived from actual references in print and broadcast media, is followed by broader context and detailed explanation in a collaborative effort to correct these inaccuracies. Read more.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about India's Citizenship Amendment Act

What is the CAA? What isn’t the CAA? What about Bangladeshi Muslim migrants who came to India prior to the Citizenship Amendment Act’s cut off date of December 31, 2014? CAA seems unprecedented for a secular democracy. Is it?  Read the FAQs

FAQs about Kashmir and Articles 370/35A

What are Articles 370 and 35A? Are the recent moves to abrogate Articles 370/35A and bifurcate the state democratic? Why have people in Ladakh been wanting to split off from the rest of Kashmir? Why is Pakistan so upset about this? Who are the Kashmiri Pandits? And more… Read the FAQs

FAQs about the Ram Janmabhoomi dispute

What’s HAF’s official position on Ram Janmabhoomi? Who is Lord Ram? Why is Ram Janmabhoomi important to Hindus? What is the archeology and history of the site? Why was the Babri Masjid torn down in 1992? Is the conflict over Ram Janmabhoomi a recent “Hindutva” project? How do Hindu Americans feel about this issue? Read the FAQs