YOU have the power to change the narrative about Hinduism.

Become an HAF Dharma Ambassador!

HAF Dharma Ambassadors promote an authentic narrative from within the Hindu community to ensure that our religion is taught accurately and on par with other religions. This course is for North American residents only.

  • Gain simple and effective techniques to present Hinduism to non-Hindus
  • Learn to handle questions about sensitive topics
  • Get access to visually engaging, professionally created presentation materials from HAF
  • Find out how to get plugged into your local community for speaking opportunities, including schools, interfaith discussions, and other community gatherings
  • Alert HAF to inaccurate teaching materials used in local schools and work with HAF in remedying such issues

After completing the training, you are a certified Dharma Ambassador! You will have the knowledge and tools to be able to speak eloquently and accurately about Hinduism. Participants receive a certificate of completion and will be added to our speaker database.

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What Dharma Ambassadors are saying about the workshop

“It was a very useful workshop. Easan Ji is a great speaker and there is a lot you can learn from his presentation. It was also very helpful in listening to the different narratives from the different people in the group. Each had a very unique and rich perspective that was very informative for me.”

“It was a great opportunity to identify methods of presenting Hinduism to the American community in general as well as to our own kids born and brought up here. I got new ideas and thoughts from attending this event.”

“Your course is really empowering and offers a simple and elegant way of presenting Hinduism without any debate on the content itself. It surely feels empowered to be a Dharma Ambassador. I look forward to the speaking opportunities and to stay engaged and present the material close to your model.”