Classroom Subjected: Bullying of Hindu students in US schools

Hindu American students continue to be bullied and feel socially ostracized for their religious beliefs, according to results of HAF’s nationwide survey of middle and high school students.

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Partnership with Beyond Differences

How many of us know all of our children’s classmates? As parents, it can be difficult to know how to support our children as they encounter issues of self-identity, cultural stereotypes, and hateful language. That’s why we’re proud to partner with Beyond Differences for National Know Your Classmates Day on October 26, 2018.

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Don't Hate: Educate

The Hindu American Foundation has announced the launch of a nationwide campaign entitled ‘Fight Hate: Educate’ as a direct response to the rise in hate crimes against Hindus in America. The purpose of the campaign is to promote a deeper understanding and broader awareness of Hinduism, including the culture, language, and traditions of the Hindu American community.

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COVID-19 and the Rise of Cyberbullying webinar

With the move to digital education platforms during the COVID-19 pandemic, parents can be left wondering how much screen time is safe and how online interactions can be monitored to prevent cyberbullying. This webinar covers topics such as recognizing warning signs, how to foster open parent-child communication, and how to ensure children’s mental well-being, amongst other topics.


"Yes, Saying Caste is Linked to Hinduism Leads to Bullying of Hindu Students"

Of the Hindu students responding to our survey, those who reported an intense focus on caste in the classroom were up to 2.6 times as likely to report being bullied for their faith. This was a statistically significant finding. Even more generally, kids who reported Hinduism was taught negatively in the classroom were up to 4.2 times more likely to report being bullied for their religious beliefs, which was again a statistically significant finding.

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