The swastika is the Indic representation of one of humanity’s oldest and most consistently used symbols across nearly every human culture. It has more than 10,000 years of positive associations behind it, continuing actively to this day with more than a billion people continuing this tradition.

On this page you’ll find a number of resources and articles to learn all about how Hindus and other religious traditions have used and continue to use the swastika as an auspicious, peaceful symbol.

The Swastika: Use and Abuse of a Sacred Symbol

Symbols, by definition, have power. Throughout history symbols have been used to consecrate and positively inspire, as well as to intimidate and harm. Perhaps no abuse of a symbol is more potent than one associated with genocide.

This publication is designed to briefly explain the positive meaning and significance of the swastika for Buddhists, Hindus, Jains and Zoroastrians as well as note the painful significance of the Nazi symbol for the Jewish community.

A joint partnership project with the Hindu American Foundation, American Jewish Committee, and Interfaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington.

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HAF Reporters Guide to the Swastika

A guide for reporters and anyone wanting to accurately write about how the swastika has been used by Hindus and other religious traditions. Includes a brief history and answers to frequently asked questions addressing commonly misreporting on the swastika.

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How Can the Swastika Be Redeemed? Education, Education, Education.

Part of answering this question and in redeeming the swastika in the hearts and minds of the West is recognizing that for the billion-plus Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and others who to this day use the swastika in its traditional capacity as a symbol of good luck and auspiciousness, there is no redemption necessary for this sacred symbol.

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10 Things you need to know about the swastika

In Sanskrit, the word swastika is a combination of ‘su’ (meaning ‘good’) and ‘asti’ (meaning ‘to exist’)…

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6 Things you need to know about the symbolism of the swastika

The swastika is a symbol as old as humanity itself, one which to this day, despite it being confused with the hateful Nazi emblem, has a powerful positive message. Here’s a bit more on the symbolism of the swastika within the Hindu tradition.

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FAQs About California AB2282

AB2282 will make California the first state to: 1) Recognize the swastika as a symbol of peace to the Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist communities in its penal code, adding a layer of protection; and 2) Identify the Nazi emblem as the “hakenkreuz” and “hooked cross”.

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