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The purpose of the Hindu American Foundation Dharma Advocates Training Program is to train Hindu Americans to become better, more effective, and influential advocates for the Hindu American cause.

Hindus have been gaining prominence in America, but generally the community as a whole has not reached the level of advocacy effectiveness and influence as other, mostly smaller, minority groups like Armenian Americans, Cuban Americans, which comprise < 1% of the U.S. population, and Jewish Americans who comprise approximately 2% of the U.S. population.

Comparatively, Hindu Americans comprise approximately 1% of the population, but have not had the same level of advocacy success of the aforementioned groups.

In this interactive advocacy training webinar, participants will learn how they can make their voices heard on a wide variety of local, state, and federal issues of importance.

Upcoming training dates

For more information on upcoming Dharma Advocates programs, please email Anita Joshi

How to Submit A HAAAM(HHM) Resolution To Your Local Government

  1. Visit your city or county government website. If you don’t know it, a quick google search should pull it up
  2. On the website, find the email addresses of the mayor/county leader and city/county council members
  3. Copy and paste from our email request template and fill in the city/county-specific details. Attach a copy of the resolution, and email it to the mayor/county leader and city/county council email addresses.
  4. Follow up after a week if they don’t hear back.

How to Get a Diwali Resolution Passed

Advocacy questions

For more information on Resolution Advocacy, please email Ramya Ramakrishnan