Often referred to as the “Festival of Colors,” Holi is celebrated around the world and is recognized as a national holiday in India.

Like Diwali, Holi is one of the most anticipated and widely celebrated Hindu festivals, yet many of our neighbors, teachers, and friends haven’t heard about it. The Hindu American Foundation is proud to present you with our Holi Toolkit, a guide to familiarizing you and your students with Holi. In this toolkit, you will find materials to teach about the “Festival of Colors” in your classrooms and activities to do at home. This toolkit is constructed as a way to learn more about this Hindu festival in an interactive and enjoyable way, and can be used by educators and parents alike!

What's Inside the Holi Toolkit

  • Holi Fact Sheet
  • The Stories of Holi
  • Celebrating Holi: An English Language Arts Lesson
  • Holi Haiku
  • Roy G. Biv Activity
  • Holi Crossword Puzzle
Download HAF's Holi Toolkit [PDF]

HAF is proud to collaborate with ELTS in developing the Celebrating Holi lesson plan that integrates the Color Vowel Approach to provide a clear and effective strategy for pronouncing and using new vocabulary.