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Amid the COVID-19 lockdown, Hindus in Pakistan were denied food by a large charitable organization, coordinating its activities with the government. They were told the rations were only for Muslims.  Thankfully, they later received some aid, but are still in desperate need of our help. HAF is partnering with the Hare Ram Foundation in South Punjab, Pakistan to provide food for them.

The Pakistani Hindu refugees in Jodhpur, India, who HAF has supported for years through our Medical Seva programming, are also being impacted by COVID-19.  Food aid from the Government of India is not being released fast enough. The 50,000 Pakistani Hindu refugees, who are mostly daily wage laborers, are running out of food fast.  

Both groups need your help to survive.


The Sindhi Hindu community has already pledged over $6,000. We need your help to raise an additional $4,000 this week.    

We realize the worldwide needs are many during this pandemic, and you may already be supporting many local efforts.  We hope you will be able to stretch a bit more and help feed those in need.


Select Pakistani Hindu Refugee Fund from the designation drop down to ensure 100% of your donation reaches them.

Your donation will be split evenly between feeding Hindus in Pakistan and the refugees in India.

Thank you.

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