On Monday, April 19, the Hindu American Foundation sent five cease and desist notices to organizations and individuals who have made libelous statements against HAF, published in two articles by Al Jazeera in the first week of April 2021. 

Receiving the legal notices are: Hindus for Human Rights co-founders Sunita Vishwanath and Raju Rajgopal, Rasheed Ahmed of the Indian American Muslim Council, and Federation of Indian American Christian OrganizationsJohn Prabhudoss, as well as both the author of one of the Al Jazeera articles, Raqib Hameed Naik, and Al Jazeera as an organization, have all been sent demands for retraction and apology.

In addition, Rutgers-Newark Associate Professor Audrey Truschke was served with a cease and desist notice due to her amplification of these libelous articles on social media, along with a pattern of her own defamatory statements about HAF. Truschke recently posted on social media the libelous accusation that HAF and members of its Board of Directors coordinated a campaign of violent threats against her and minorities living in India.

All the above have been given 24 hours to retract their statements and issue public apologies. Should they choose not to reply, HAF will pursue further legal action. We can no longer idly sit by while these organizations and individuals blatantly spread lies and falsehoods about who we are and what we stand for. 

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HAF is an independent organization funded by individuals like you

We are not beholden to or funded by any foreign organization or government.  Our financials are independently audited each year and available on our website.  Our transparency has earned us a Platinum Seal on Guidestar. Our positions are rooted in dharma, not in politics or popularity.  

HAF is a voice for Hindus

Speaking up for persecuted Hindus in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Kashmir does not make us Hindu supremacists. It makes us an actual Hindu human rights organization.   

Speaking out against anti-Hindu legislation does not make us a Hindutva lobbying group.  It makes us a Hindu advocacy organization.

Upholding the richness of our ancient tradition does not make us Hindu nationalists. It simply makes us Hindu.  

We expect the folks above to play hardball. They will play their usual victim card and call us Hindu bullies every chance they get. This is not just about HAF.  This is for our community.  We must show that we will challenge false accusations of Hindu American groups having dual loyalties and funding or promoting acts of violence.

We aren’t backing down. Stand with us and support the truth.

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