Thank you! Collectively, you raised $20,000 for over 4,000 Pakistani Hindu refugees living in camps in Jodhpur, India. Your generosity allowed us to meet our goal for our 2020 AND 2021 Medical Seva Grant.

Our partner on the ground, Universal Just Action Society (UJAS), will now be able to provide medical check-ups, vaccinations, and psych counseling, as well as initiate the next phase of their efforts to help the refugee population.  This next phase, scheduled for 2021, will be focused on improving medical treatments given to the refugees, increasing preventative care, and collecting specific data so that UJAS can apply for grants from larger NGOs and governments.

THANK YOU for giving the gift of health to these men, women, and children who fled from discrimination and persecution so they could retain their Hindu faith.  Please see our latest report, Hindus in Pakistan: A Survey of Human Rights, to learn more about the ongoing struggles of minorities in Pakistan.

Though we are no longer accepting donations for the Pakistani Hindu Refugee Medical Seva Grant, we would appreciate your support for our human rights efforts.


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