On May 20th, the California Civil Rights Department released the results of its year-long CA vs Hate program, revealing that for religiously-motivated incidents of hate reported via the program hotline, 23% were directed at Hindus. This amount trails incidents of anti-Jewish hate (37%) and surpasses anti-Muslim incidents (15%). 

As for the specific number of hate incidents involving Hindus, or indeed the exact percentage of all incidents motivated by religious animus, the report does not say. The public is left to do some rough interpretation based off the CRD stating that of the total 1020 incidents of hate reported, and from the 580 it verified, 35% of these were motivated by race and ethnicity, 15% were based on gender identity, and just under 11% based on sexual orientation. The exact percentage of religiously-motivated hate incidents has not been revealed.

Responding to the report, HAF Managing Director Samir Kalra stated:

“While we’re still delving into the data from the California Civil Rights Department, the report confirms what we already knew: Hinduphobia and anti-Hindu incidents are more prevalent than previously reported. At HAF, we have seen an uptick in reports of hate crimes and bias incidents from community members, particularly towards the later half of 2023 and beginning of 2024. For instance, there were multiple temple vandalisms and desecrations, in addition to reports of harassment, intimidation, and threats against Hindu individuals by Khalistani extremists in the San Francisco Bay Area.

HAF is responding in multiple ways to this increase in hate incidents, including through creating new resources, engaging with law enforcement and federal agencies, and empowering the community on how to report bias incidents and hate crimes. 

Most significantly, we just hosted our first-ever Combating Rising Hinduphobia conference, where we were joined by over 70 first responders,including representatives from local police departments, Departments of Justice and Homeland Security, and District Attorney’s offices. We provided an informative Hinduism 101 training followed by two panel discussions: The parallels in Anti Semitism and Hinduphobia and Rising Khalistani Extremism in the Diaspora.

HAF will continue to engage with law enforcement in order to ensure that the community is better protected.”