The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) applauded California State Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett (10th Senate District) for introducing Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 32, which designates October 2013 as California Hindu American Awareness and Appreciation Month. The measure would “recognize and acknowledge the significant contributions made by Californians of Hindu heritage to the state.”

HAF sponsored SCR 32 and worked closely with Senator Corbett’s office in drafting the language of the resolution, which was officially introduced in the State Legislature on April 2.

Senator Corbett, whose district is home to a large Hindu American population in cities such as Fremont, Hayward, and Milpitas, is widely recognized for her support of the community.

“As the Senator representing the 10th State Senate District, it is my honor to represent constituents from many diverse ethnic backgrounds, including a significant number of Hindu Americans,” said Senator Corbett. “I am proud to sponsor this resolution designating October 2013 as California Hindu American Awareness and Appreciation Month. It is certainly appropriate that we celebrate the many contributions made by Hindu Americans in our state and nation. I look forward to my colleagues in the Legislature supporting this resolution.”

The resolution specifies that Hindu Americans are amongst the most highly educated group in the country and have founded approximately ten percent of Silicon Valley’s start-up companies, alongside many other achievements. It also mentions the influence that yoga, meditation, Vedanta philosophy, and ayurvedic medicine has had on California and the nation at large, and recognizes Hindu Americans for engaging in seva (selfless service to one’s fellow human beings) through charity and public service in the state.

In addition, SCR 32 notes that the principles of tolerance, pluralism, and religious freedom are inherent to the beliefs of Hindu Americans, and they are rooted in the Vedas (sacred Hindu texts), which provide: “Truth is one, the wise call it by many names.”

“The introduction of SCR 32 is an historic moment for Hindu Americans, and presents a tremendous opportunity to increase awareness and understanding about the community and its contributions to this great state,” said Vineet Sharma, M.D., HAF Executive Council Member. “We commend Senator Corbett for introducing this momentous resolution and hope to obtain the support of all California Senators and Assembly Members.”

The entire text of the resolution can be found by clicking here.