In response to the Trump Administration suspending new H-1B and other visas for immigrant workers seeking to enter the United States until at least the end of 2020, on the pretext of protecting jobs for US citizens in the midst of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, HAF Executive Director Suhag Shukla offered the following statement:

“We’re profoundly disappointed by this short-sighted and ill-conceived move which will, contrary to its stated intent, make economic recovery from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic only more difficult by limiting the ability of employers to hire high skilled workers. An immigration system that allows employers to hire the best candidates, regardless of where they are from, benefits all Americans. With roughly three-quarters of current H-1B visa holders hailing from India, this latest attempt to reduce to a trickle legal immigration to the United States will hit Indians and Hindus particularly hard.”

“The implications of the order’s vague language calling for additional regulations on current H-1B holders already in the US to ensure that they do not ‘disadvantage United States workers’ is also deeply concerning,” Shukla added.