Today is a sad day for America and for democracy at large. The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) unequivocally condemns the violence, chaos, and anarchy that unfolded today at the US Capitol building, as a mob stormed in and broke into the House and Senate chambers during a joint session of Congress. This is absolutely unacceptable, shameful, and wrong.

At the core of today’s despicable acts are the inflammatory rhetoric from the President and his allies, and wild conspiracy theories that the 2020 election was not free and fair, despite there being no evidence whatsoever to support such claims. Those who cast doubt on the legitimacy of America’s elections are charting a dangerous and unprecedented path that we believe represents a clear and present threat to American democracy as we know.

We call on President Trump and all of our elected officials to do the right thing and condemn these treasonous acts. We also call on law enforcement to enforce our laws, protect the American people, protect our government and democratic institutions, and hold these criminals accountable.

Hindu Americans are uniquely attune to the foundations of and threats to democracy, as many of us trace our heritage to the Republic of India, the world’s largest democracy. Hindu values and ideals are American values and ideals and the bonds between our people, our commitment to freedom, equality, and representative democracy remain unshaken.

Hindu Americans join with millions of our compatriots to condemn these acts and to stand together, united with those who respect our democracy, defend our liberty, and advance our way of life.

In this dark hour, we are reminded by an ancient Hindu hymn:

Ajyesthaso akanishthaso ete sambhrataro vahaduhu saubhagaya.

“No one is superior, none inferior. All are brothers marching forward to prosperity and well-being.”