How Jagannatha's discovery in a store led to America's first ever Ratha Yatra: Part 2
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How Jagannatha’s discovery in a store led to America’s first ever Ratha Yatra: Part 2

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Sometime after the installation, in the early part of April, the Swami called Shyamasundar to his room, handing him a drawing of what looked like some sort of wagon. Once every year, he told him, the Jagannatha, Baladeva, and Subhadra deities in Orissa are taken from the temple and each placed on raths, or huge wooden carts, and pushed and pulled by celebrants — numbering more than a million — to the beach where they have a vacation for a week before returning to the temple.

An ancient tradition that allows the deities to be more widely viewed and appreciated by the public, the ceremony also holds a deeper meaning, representing a pastime believed to have taken place roughly 5,000 years ago, when Krishna was actually living on the earth.

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