Today HAF Executive Director Suhag Shukla, Esq., released the following statement regarding the case of Arzoo Lal, a 13-year old Pakistani Catholic girl who was abducted outside of her home, forcefully converted to Islam, and married off to a 44-year old Muslim man by a Pakistani court:

“I’m shocked at this horrific case and my heart breaks for Arzoo and the Lal family. It is outrageous that in Pakistan it is now apparently legal to kidnap underage girls, forcefully convert them to Islam, and marry them off as child brides to be raped by their abductors with the full stamp and seal of approval of the government of Pakistan. Where is the outrage from Pakistani society and the international community? Why are our leaders silent? We must protect our girls. Hindu, Christian, Sikh, these are beautiful, innocent lives that are being violated and destroyed in the name of a religious apartheid state. This practice must be stopped.”