Washington, DC (January 11, 2019) — In response to reports that Shahid Shafi has won the vote to allow him to remain vice-chairman of the Tarrant County, Texas Republican Party, HAF Managing Director Samir Kalra stated,

“The vote on the vice-chairmanship was precipitated by some members of the Tarrant County GOP claiming that Shafi was unfit for the job because his Muslim faith was somehow incompatible with the US Constitution. While HAF is not familiar with Shafi’s personal political views, the fact is that political candidates and appointees from many minority faiths can and have successfully served this country for many years. Attempting to apply any religious litmus test to a candidate or appointee seeking public office runs counter to the US Constitution and is profoundly disturbing. We’re encouraged that the majority of Tarrant County GOP members voted down such a religious litmus test for Shafi.”