California Assembly passes bill legally recognizing swastika as different than Nazi emblem, the hakenkreuz

May 26, 2022

Women must have right to choose and control what happens to their own bodies

May 10, 2022

HAF presents global blasphemy laws concerns to US State Dept religious freedom ambassador

April 18, 2022

HAF condemns blasphemy conviction of Pakistani Hindu school principal Notan Lal

February 9, 2022

Appointment of Masood Khan as Pakistan Ambassador to US opposed by HAF-led coalition

February 4, 2022

Inclusion of caste in Cal State non-discrimination policy will illegally single-out Indian and South Asians: Concerned faculty tell Board of Trustees

January 21, 2022

Save Pakistan’s Stolen Girls campaign launches with virtual event

December 14, 2021

HAF welcomes US State Department designation of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka officials as gross violators of human rights

December 10, 2021

HAF petitions Bangladesh PM for release of Hindu ‘prisoners of conscience’ following anti-Hindu mob violence

November 23, 2021

Pakistan again being listed as ‘County of Particular Concern’ by US State Department is a welcome move: HAF

November 19, 2021