The Hindu American Foundation has joined US college students in their Holi For Unity campaign. As such, HAF supports the efforts of more than 50 Hindu student organizations in spreading the true meaning of Holi.

As the campaign organizers state, “For the Hindu American community, Holi is an important time for gathering and celebration…  No matter how people choose to celebrate, the core message stays the same. Holi brings us all together in the face of any differences, and teaches us that good will ultimately win over evil. Hindus and non-Hindus alike come together to recognize the symbolism behind Holi. Just like the many vibrant colors that come out during Holi, all of us are unique. No matter our differences, Holi reminds us to passionately unite in this diversity.”

“HAF wholeheartedly supports the #holiforunity campaign. As Hindus have done for many years, we hope to celebrate Holi this year as a fun-filled communal religious observance. We urge university administrations to protect the free speech and religious rights of all students on campuses and allow all Holi celebrations to go on, free from any intimidation and politicization,” HAF California Advocacy Director Easan Katir commented.

In advance of Holi this year, HAF has released a revamped Holi Toolkit — a concise guide for families, educators, and anyone wanting to learn about this Hindu holiday to do so in a fun, inclusive, and innovative way.

Learn more and download: HAF’s Holi Toolkit