Washington, DC (January 31, 2019) — In response to recent vandalism at the Swaminarayan Cultural Center, a Hindu house of worship in Louisville, KY, HAF Director of Government Relations Jay Kansara offered the following statement:

“It’s no secret that hate crimes are on the rise against Hindus in the United States. We at HAF are shocked but sadly not surprised by this ugly incident of vandalism, apparently by Christian supremacists unable to tolerate minority faiths in Louisville. HAF is grateful that that local, state, and federal officials in Kentucky have pledged their support to the Hindu American community to stand together in the face of such bigotry and intimidation. We urge law enforcement to investigate this incident as a hate crime, using all resources to bring the perpetrators to justice with all speed.”

Whenever such a tragic incident happens, HAF reminds temples and the Hindu American community as a whole, it’s a good time to review your own safety plans: HAF Guide to Temple Safety and Security. If you have been the victim of a hate crime, harassment, or bias, please report it to local law enforcement and then fill out our bias-motivated crime data collection form.