Today, in response to the ongoing communal violence in New Delhi which has claimed more than 20 lives, HAF Executive Director Suhag Shukla offered the following statement:

“We strongly condemn the violence, loss of life, and destruction of places of worship in India this week. There is no religious, historical, or political justification possible for what is happening in New Delhi. Hindu Americans stand for peace, pluralism, democracy, equal rights, and the rule of law here at home in the United States, in India, and anywhere in the world.

“Those people battling in the streets — throwing stones, acid, brandishing firearms, setting fire to businesses and places of worship — are all violating the law. The perpetrators, no matter the religious community to which they belong, should be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We urge Indian law enforcement officers to uphold their duty to protect the public and better maintain law and order. And we urge all those making inflammatory statements to take stock of the destructive impact of their words and cease.

“The protests and violence in India over the last few weeks have triggered a renewed need for greater understanding and dialogue among religious community leaders, civil society, and Indian government officials, consistent with India’s long tradition of dialogue and pluralism. Media, non-governmental organizations, and observers from all communities must understand their role and duty in informing rather than inciting the citizenry, in defusing this tragic situation.

“Hindu Americans have faith that through frank and honest dialogue, respect for rule of law, and the upholding of the rights and freedoms of all India’s citizens, this violence can be both be stopped now, as well as be prevented in the future.”


  • But the one-sided nature of the news should be corrected. The protest against CAA are totally uncalled for. Several Muslim leaders such as Waris Pathan made infuriating statements. First shots were fired by a Muslim and was egged on by hundreds of people. Many Hindus have died. yes the media portrays this as violence against Muslims. How should we approach the media for their obvious bias? Thanks and Hari Om

    • Rupal Patel says:

      Thank you HAF for the great statement.
      We condemn all type of violence. In the coming days, the truth will come out. Under the shadow of communal riots, the terrorists hand can’t be denied especially the way IB officer Ankit Sharma was brutally murdered like ISIS style and constable Ratanlal was shot dead. My salute to both officers. The international conspiracy may have hand in this where PM Narendra Modi, HM Amit Shah, India and Hindus are on target by international community. Petrodollar may be fueling in to many media houses to create one sided story. Perpetrators are playing the victimhood.

  • Mihir Meghani says:

    Great statement by the Hindu American Foundation

  • Sudhir Shah says:

    Few of us are planning to meet our local US Congressman shortly to educate them about CAA and recent Delhi riots.

  • KT says:

    Great job HAF. We will lead the world through peace and respect. Thank you.

  • Sidarth Ambardar says:

    Yes, this is a forceful and a timely statement. HAF’s efforts gave us this one win against HR 745. However, India faces many challenges from within and without. The Delhi riots have given new oxygen to anti-India elements. It has been a failure of policing, and of leadership. There is another resolution, HR 724, by Rashida Taiyyib, that is even more damaging than HR 745. Have to gird up for these challenges.

  • Rupal Patel says:

    Thank you HAF for the great statement. The truth will be out soon in coming days. It seems pre-planned Hindu massacre and security forces. Under the shadow of the communal riots, the terrorist activity can’t be denied especially the way IB officer Ankit Sharma was brutally murdered in ISIS style and constable Ratanlal was shot dead. My salute to both officers who laid down their lives and wish the good health to those officers who are injured. The international conspiracy against PM Shri Narendra Modi, HM Shri Amit Shah, India and Hindus is at high. The petrodollars may be playing a big role to run fake news, fake narratives at the international level.

  • Dalip Thukral says:

    This thoughtful and forceful message of peace may not remain confined to the members of HAF in USA. Please forward this (if not already done) to the main political parties in India so that they should know how concerned the Indians here are for the peace and prosperity of India; the persons responsible for the recent riots in Delhi should be arrested and punished.

  • Surendra Sukhtankar says:

    Almost all communal riots in India are started by the Muslim community . When peace-loving , Hindus see their kith and kin killed by the fanatic Muslims; they take the revenge. That is what happened in Gujarat. If there was no killing of 59 Karsevakas at Godhra; their would have been no Gujarat riots.

    The Muslims asked for it; they got it; they deserve it.

  • Pankaj Parikh says:

    While properly worded, and representing our views on any violence, it lacks- and we likely need update on-

    1  The fact that a good number of Hindus were killed and likely the violence was started by Muslims ( as I understood it)

    2 A sizable rioting was done by Muslims ,

    3 Involvement of Muslim leader- AAP MLA as I understand- esp from his home.  What were the findings of the police at his home? How much weapons recovered from different places?

    4 Involvement of any outside agencies if known.

    5 Specifically which media locally have pointedly misrepresented the facts.

    These are needed for mass education to our community as well as other local community. TRUTH MUST BE PRESENTED IN FULL LIGHT.

    ALso I feel a concise email be sent via all local Hindu and Indian organizations to their local members and local news papers, political leaders and all interfaith organizations, Essential to clarify the matter.

    Whatsapp messages from HAF can help spread the truth and facts too.

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