Washington, DC (August 5, 2019) — In response to the recent mass shootings in California, Texas, and Ohio, HAF Managing Director Samir Kalra offered the following statement:

“In the past week we have witnessed three mass shootings, with at least two of the attackers (in California and Texas) motivated by white supremacist ideology. 30 innocent victims have been killed and at least that many wounded. There have now been 250 mass shootings in the United States through just the first seven months of the year.

We extend our condolences to the victims, their families, the first-responders, and all those communities who are forced to face such destruction. As we condole the most recent victims of this senseless gun violence, we also take a moment to remember the victims of the Oak Creek tragedy, where six Sikh worshipers were killed by a white supremacist at a gurdwara (Sikh temple) in Oak Creek, Wisconsin seven years ago today.

Ultimately, however, thoughts, prayers, and condolences will not put a stop to this collective insanity.

To stop this epidemic of violence and hatred we must root out and repudiate the racist, xenophobic, and supremacist ideology that has been behind a shocking number of the worst incidents of mass violence over the past several years. We must also hold responsible lobby groups like the NRA and those politicians beholden to them, who stand in the way of what the majority of Americans (both Democrats and Republicans), including many gun owners, demand: strong and meaningful gun control reform, at minimum removing the most destructive weapons from our streets, shopping malls, nightclubs, and all public places.”

HAF calls on Congress and state legislatures alike to act in the interest and welfare of those they represent, and enact common sense legislation to reduce gun violence and promote gun safety. Such measures include increased background checks, mental health screenings, more stringent controls on the possession and sale of assault rifles and weapons with high-capacity magazines, among other steps demonstrated to reduce mass shootings

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