Watch: The History of the Kashmir Conflict

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The past few years have been a historic time period for the former Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Most significantly, on August 5, 2019, the Indian government legally, democratically, and constitutionally abrogated Articles 370 and 35A of India’s Constitution, temporary provisions that conferred special status on the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Read more.

Understanding the Kashmir Conflict lesson plan

Since 1947, there has been an ongoing conflict in Kashmir (currently divided between India, Pakistan, and China) that is rooted in colonialism, geographical boundaries, socio-religious and historical factors, and terrorism. This three-part critical reading lesson provides students with an opportunity to learn about the significance of the Kashmir conflict and the impact it has on foreign relations between two modern nation states, as well as its influence on the quality of life for the region’s diverse residents. Download here.

India: Democracy in Diversity

India is a robust, multi-religious and multicultural, secular democracy. It is home to the vast majority of the world’s Hindus and has sizeable Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Jain, and Sikh populations, as well as small, but significant Bahai, Jewish, and Zoroastrian populations. Download here.

History and Aftermath of the Kashmir Conflict

Untold Stories of Indigenous Kashmiris